in Space

in Space in Space

A procedural side-scrolling shooter on Steam, currently rated 85% (Very Positive) with around 100 reviews. It was an attempt to design a retro styled game that valued precision and strategy rather than reflex by integrating colour puzzle mechanics into a shooter. Find its Steam page here and view its trailer here.


Betweenside Betweenside

A piece of Gothic interactive fiction that you can rewrite as you play, set in interwar Cornwall. It is coming soon to Steam, and more info is available here.

Feasible Food

Feasible Food Feasible Food

Not a game but a virtual reality kitchen where you are gently guided to learn new recipes and techniques. It's a bit like having an experienced chef next to you, guiding you as you try something new, but in an environment where you can't accidentally cut yourself or burn expensive ingredients. Feasible Food is currently out for Google Daydream, you can learn about it here and view its trailer here.


Goldi Goldi

An exploration-based interactive storybook inspired by games such as The Stanley Parable, 80 Days and Gone Home. Based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears (and Machiavelli’s The Prince) the game is played in repeated loops and depending on the player’s actions they get an individual ending constructed from a combination of 120 different fully-voiced conclusions. Find it here and view a Let's Play here.

I want more money

Blossom Blossom

I want more money is a game about wealth accumulation. Part narrative adventure, part fashion and part rhythm game. It was made for Ludum Dare 40 with the theme the more you have, the worse it is and came #1 in both humour and audio. Find it here.


Blossom Blossom

Blossom is a short horror game based around the idea of a Skinner Box (a system that provides rewards at random but semi­predictable intervals). Your only source of light as you explore a house after a powercut is a cheap lighter which goes out often and lights unreliably. The intent was to create a rising sense of panic in the player as they desperately try to relight the lighter. It was made in quite-a-lot-less than 48 hours for Asylum Jam, and came tenth overall. Blossom can be found here and you can find a Let's Play here.


Who Wants to be Alive?

Blossom Blossom

A fast-paced roguelike trivia game. You are on an exam ship that is rapidly losing power and crashing into the sun. The only way to survive is to get to the bridge of the ship and restore power, but fact-locked doors stand between you and there. Thankfully you have a phone, and a friend with a copy of Microsoft Encarta. Confer with them, answer the questions, get to the bridge, and do so quickly. You can find this epic quiz game with the world's most advanced chatbot here.

Smash Cup

Blossom Blossom

A short, simple physics puzzle game about smashing things with a bat. Also hitting a ball with a bat, and then smashing things with that ball. It's a lot of fun, find it here.

In the Court of the Kingly King

Blossom Blossom

A short interactive-fiction adventure RPG loosely based on Choose Your Own Adventure books and Dungeons and Dragons. It attempts to take as many player decisions as possible into account as they navigate court politics (and battle dragons) with the strengths and weaknesses of their chosen class. Features lots of stats, items and D20s. Find it here.


For a look at some of my other games as well as a peek at some unreleased prototypes, my old and somewhat out-of-date portfolio is here.