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CV/About Me

Hi, I'm Ed Curtis-Sivess, a game designer and indie game dev who has been working in games for about five years. My eclectic portfolio ranges from retro arcade games to ludicrously wordy narrative experiences, and I occasionally moonlight as a maker of virtual reality apps. If you need a more structured document detailing my work then get in contact and I can send you a proper CV/resumé.

I have a degree in International Politics and Intelligence Studies, which I did partially in Canada but mostly in that world centre of espionage, Wales. After graduating with a 2:1 I realised I didn't quite hate other humans enough to pursue the more obvious career paths available to me, and decided to make games for a living.

Since then I've made tons of games including in Space, a procedural sidescrolling puzzle shooter; Goldi, an interactive storybook that teaches you about Machiavelli using the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears; and Landgrab (unreleased), a board game about taking a pristine piece of land and turning it into a toxic trash heap.

I’ve also released a virtual reality app for Google Daydream called Feasible Food. It teaches you how to cook new things in a friendly, stress-free way.

My skills include designing stuff, writing stuff and programming stuff (usually in C# but I'm pretty handy with Javascript, Lua and Python as well.) I'm super good at Unity, and entirely competent at Photoshop, GIMP and Blender. My interests include video games, board games, card games, parlour games, drinking games, guessing games, ball games, good games, end games and Stargate: SG1.