The patriarch of a once-respected house is dead, survived only by his late sister's children. Bequeathed to them are his worldly and unworldly belongings, along with the fate of their family. Set entirely within the uncle's private chambers, you are tasked as the family lawyer to see the correct items go to their intended place.

Each object tells a story, of the uncle or of his family, and the room has intentions of its own...

A Dresser. A Camphor Wood Chest.

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Betweenside is a first-person Gothic fiction game of discovery, decision and ancestral dread. It is an interactive fiction that you can rewrite as you play. Its closest comparison would be sweeping narrative games like 80 Days or Sunless Sea, but Betweenside tells a much more intimate tale.

A Fireplace. A Small Book Cabinet.

Set in interwar Cornwall, you will explore the private abode of a secretive aristocrat, where each object narrates the mystery of his family's demise through written interactive fiction.

Make choices that will change the past and the future, while trying to survive the present. A failing lighter is all that stands between you and the dark.

Blossom Blossom

Betweenside was released for Windows on September the 12th, 2018, and is coming to EGX at the end of September as part of the Leftfield collection.

Find its Steam page here.


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Betweenside is a game by Ed Curtis-Sivess, maker of many splendid works such as In Space, a procedural sidescrolling shooter and Goldi, an interactive storybook based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Machiavelli's The Prince.

You can follow me on Twitter here, find more of my work here, or email me at curtissivess@gmail.com.